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Preventing Common Rose Diseases

Roses are susceptible to diseases and various other health problems. Many of the problems that come with having roses are relatively easy to take care of, but it is always better to stop them all together rather than having to cure them later.

Here are some of the ways that you can prevent diseases from reaching your roses.

1. The easiest way to prevent diseases from inhabiting your roses is to buy roses that are low maintenance like shrubs and landscape roses.

2. Planting your roses properly in areas that have a lot of sun (at least 6 hours in the morning), air circulation and good compost for faster draining can prevent many problems later.

3. Keeping different types of flowers and plants in with your roses will help to provide your roses with a better and more balanced ecosystem to live in.

4. Fertilize your plants in the proper manner. Roses need their food too! (see section on fertilizing for the best methods)

5. Watering your roses correctly and in the morning is a good way to keep fungal diseases from hitting your roses. (see section on watering for the best techniques)

6. A two inch layer of mulch at the base of your roses is a good way to keep soil born diseases at bay.


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